Learning & Training Officer

Job Description

Learning and development is instrumental to our success, the Learning and Training Officer is responsible for the participation, delivery and evaluation of learning and development. With particular reference to induction, mandatory refreshers and continued professional development for all staff.

The ideal candidate should be a great communicator with the ability to effectively describe complicated ideas to different audiences. You must be highly organised, proficient in time management, and possess excellent public speaking skills.


* To actively deliver and evaluate the care certificate induction, refresher and development of all staff.

* To welcome new employees and ensure that their initial experience is positive.

* Collaborate with management to identify company training needs.

* Schedule appropriate training sessions.

* Oversee and direct seminars, workshops and individual training sessions.

* Plan and implement an effective training curriculum.

* Supervise training budgets.

* Prepare hard copy training materials such as module summaries, videos, and presentations.

* To prepare and develop a range of resources to support learning.

* To ensure the clear and timely communication of information, ensuring the appropriate level of confidentiality.

* Responsibility for all training administration.

* Develop monitoring systems to ensure that all employees are performing job responsibilities according to training.


* To attend for work reliably and punctually whilst ensuring reasonable flexibility within working hours.

* To follow company policies and procedures.

* To undertake as and when required any additional tasks and responsibilities as are reasonably compatible with the job description and its objectives.

All applicants must have experience working as a Trainer within the health & social care sector and hold a recognised training qualification